Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Awareness Training starts with the organization's acknowledgement that their employees are the weakest cybersecurity link. Conversely, they're also the first line of defense against cyber attacks. Security Awareness Training provides every employee with a fundamental understanding that there are imminent and ongoing cyber threats, preparing enterprise employees for common cyber attacks and threats.

More and more companies understand that the biggest risk for them, from the Cybersecurity point of view, is coming from inside, caused by their own employees, and not from the dangerous hackers. PSYND can support you to be compliant with an Information Security Awareness Training: your employees will be aware of the most recent attacks and threats, they will understand all the principles regarding ransomware, social engineering and they will be able to recognize and react before it will take place.
  • The baseline of CyberSecurity
  • Enterprise security
  • Most common cyber-attacks
  • Phishing and Vishing
  • Popups, cookies, ads
  • Mobile Security
  • Physical security
  • Safe and secure workplace behaviour
  • Badges and cards
  • Theft of devices, scammers
  • Data Protection
  • 1-day face to face training
  • learning about cyber-attacks
  • recognizing and filtering out phishing email
  • hands-on cybersecurity tool installation
  • interaction with the classmates
  • getting replies and advice on your issues
  • Business Leaders and CEO’s
  • Legal and Compliance Representatives
  • Human Resource Department
  • Marketing Responsible
  • Financial Team


CISSP2nd Sep 2019 (5 days)Geneva
Cybersecurity Awareness18th Sep 2019 (1 day)Geneva
PCI DSS14th Oct 2019 (2 days)Geneva
CISSP28th Oct 2019 (5 days)Zurich
CISSP2nd Dec 2019 (5 days)Geneva
PCI DSS16th Dec 2019 (2 days)Geneva
CISSP20th Jan 2020 (5 days)Zurich
CISSP10th Feb 2020 (5 days)Geneva
CCSP23rd Mar 2020 (5 days)Geneva

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