Some of the projects we took part to


Definition of the IAM architecture and requirements anaylsis for one of the major customer in Switzerland: design of workflow and internal procedures, implementation of a full stack IDM platform with out-of-the-box and custom connectors.


For one of the most important private bank in Switzerland: definition of IAM product data model, creation of custom reporting to support audit and tracebility done by management.


For one of the biggest telco customer in Europe: definition of a full IAM architecture B2B and B2C: definition of the access management strategy and procedures, implementation of the access management model, Single Sign-On, federation.


For one of the bigger banks in Europe: support on implementation of a privileged identity management model to secure and monitor the access of the shared accounts. Definition of the PIM/PAM access strategy, both from a technical and strategic perspective.

Public administration

For a Swiss public administration: implementation of a new IAM model based on open source solution, design of the architecture, the workflow and global IAM strategy.

Swiss Identity & Access Management experts

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